10 Car Upgrades That Give You A Bang For Your Buck

10 Car Upgrades That Give You A Bang For Your Buck

It’s safe to say that a car is one of the most expensive things your money can buy. The expenses don’t stop after you fully paid it – you need to buy fuel to keep it running, maintain it, repair it, and update some features to sustain or boost its performance.

10 Car Upgrades That Give You A Bang For Your Buck
10 Car Upgrades That Give You A Bang For Your Buck

Car ownership is costly per se. Unfortunately, many car owners blow up such expense with poor decisions, especially in terms of car maintenance and modifications. They waste all their time, effort, and money to a medley of expensive yet poorly chosen parts that aren’t necessary to the overall value and performance of the car

So if you’re looking to boost your car’s value in terms of extra power, better handling, and smoother and safer ride, here are 10 car modifications worth investing in.

  1. Tires, tires, tires

Never cheap out on your tires. A good set of high-performance tires improve every single aspect of your car’s performance, from acceleration to handling and safety.

If you live in an area with lengthy winter, it’s recommended to have two sets of tires and wheels: one for the winter and one for the summer, each with rubber compounds designed t fit their respective temperature ranges.

  1. Go for quality seats and harnesses

They’re more than just a matter of aesthetics – upgrading them has an impact on your safety and performance.

You probably aren’t aware of just how much effort you put into keeping your body in place when you’re driving, especially every time you turn on or hit the brakes. When you’re securely held in an extremely supportive car seat, you can adjust the steering, brake, and accelerator pedal quickly and accurately.

  1. Invest in short shifters

If you’re driving a manual-transmission car, short shifters can be a great performance add-on. A quality kit reduces the distance the shift lever must travel, and thus the time it takes to select the next gear. You can shift faster and your car will feel better, especially when you’re carving up a steep road.

  1. Think about ECU Tuning

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) in your car is set up to control the fuel-air mixture in the engine, which makes the most of power and efficiency. The thing is manufacturers, program the ECU’s parameters below the car’s capability as a safety net.

A quick reprogramming in the engine’s computer can unlock all sorts of engine performance which can increase horsepower and torque, and in some cases, return better gas mileage.

  1. Tweak your suspension

Making updates in the suspension helps improve handling. Some of the most common modifications are lowering the springs, and installing better shocks, and going for a specialized alignment. Just make sure you’re not overdoing your suspension upgrades, which may result to a degraded handling and uncomfortable ride.

  1. Install an anti-roll (sway) bar

Installing an anti-roll bar (aka sway bar) is one of the suspension upgrades worth saving up for.

If your car leans too much everytime you turn, all the weight transfer and body roll will kill your handling. The sway bar helps keep that in check by connecting both sides of your car’s suspension. As a result, it prevents body lean during cornering and the car’s weight is more evenly distributed among the tires.

  1. Replace worn-out rubber bushings in the suspension

The little rubber bushings are designed to absorb noise, vibration, and harshness in the suspension. The problem is they’re soft, and they wear out and crack over time, allowing key parts to move more than they should. That said, it’s a must to have them replaced with new, more durable ones.

  1. Update the exhaust systems

A free-flowing exhaust relieves pressure on the engine, slightly increases the horsepower, and gives your engine a deeper, louder sound.

  1. Install a cold-air intake

Cold air intakes are a fairly cheap modification and it’s easier to install than other engine upgrades. They not only free up the airflow to your engine – they also feed your engine some cooler, more condensed air. The better your car breathes, the better it runs.

  1. Consider brake upgrades

Here’s a scary story: you push your foot down on the brake pedal, but you notice a very small resistance. You suddenly panic, realizing that your brakes are too hot, and the brake fluid has boiled and you’re not slowing down as much as you need to.

It’s healthy to be afraid of overheating the braking system, which can lead to one’s untimely death. But it’s not okay to spend thousands of thousands on fancy setups that just make the car slower from the added weight.

A better set of high-performance brake pads, good brake fluid, and a duct that routes air directly to the center of the brake rotor is enough to deal with the temperature issue and give you a boost in confidence and safety when driving.

Author Bio: Mina Corpuz is one of the daytime writers for TuffSeat Car Seat Covers, a leading supplier of genuine accessory seat covers to the Australian car market, offering vehicle-specific covers for top brands including. Toyota, Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi, Hino, Fuso, Isuzu Trucks, and more. She loves writing about automobiles, travel, and lifestyle.