Top best businesses to start in the pandemic in Dubai

Top best businesses to start in the pandemic in Dubai

We all know that we are currently facing a situation with a deadly virus and the lockdown came with it to protect us from the spread of the COVID 19. It was an unfortunate time and had put people from different countries all over the world in an economic crisis. So 2020 was an unstable year, to be honest. About 184 countries in the world including Dubai faced serious problems with the economic sector. Most of the startups don’t fit in this period but we can use this pandemic to create a more profitable business. The government in Dubai especially uses this situation to evoke business opportunities that assure to run in the long term. So why not have a fresh start and begin Dubai mainland company?

Finest list of businesses to start in Dubai during COVID 19

Now let us discuss some of the relevant Dubai business setup that is profitable setting up in Dubai during the pandemic situation.

E-Commerce Business

Nothing stops E-Commerce businesses from being successful even during the COVID- 19 pandemic situation. During such a pandemic situation we need to take care of our health by taking strict actions to distance ourselves from people. We all know that health matters even while shopping so people in Dubai prefer to shop from home and the rate of shopping from home has increased to a great extent.

But to successfully run a good e-commerce business you will need a stable internet connection, high tech infrastructure, great digital penetration and a stable increase in e-wallets.  Dubai has all the above for you to successfully establish an ecommerce business. If we closely look into the reports, it is said that the retail sector of Dubai is going to soar up to USD 308 by the year 2023. 77 percent of UAE growth is assured from it. Also, the e-commerce business in UAE is expected to show annual growth of 23% until 2022.

Food, Grocery and Delivery Services

Yet another important business that keeps running successfully in Dubai amidst the pandemic situation is food and grocery delivery services. It is among the top two because restaurants cannot let people eat and enjoy the food inside the place. This practice is done to ensure that the virus is not spread among people due to lack of social distancing and also to secure a healthy environment to maintain hygiene. So such a situation directly leads to a boost in business like food delivery services. Not only fast food but people also require essential grocery items for those who like to cook food at home.

 Our situation with the deadly virus is going to stay for a little longer and so it is said that the delivery service business is to stay for a long time. So make sure to make use of the business to a great extent. People are encouraging and supporting online shopping as long as all the virus is around. So, the benefits of food delivery services are sure to continue even after the pandemic situation drops as some people have become used to it.

Medicine Delivery & Healthcare Consultation Services

Medicines delivery along with healthcare consultation is equally important during the difficult situation of the COVID -19 pandemic. Limited access affects the people and it is not a good thing for a country. So the Dubai government puts in a lot of effort to keep up with the health of the citizens. They ensure and give essential medicine and healthcare facilities to people. So business-like delivery services for medicines are highly profitable.

Such one is not only profitable but is looked upon by millions of patients. They appreciate it to a great extent for such business because it is a highly reliable and efficient way of getting medicines during the pandemic. Healthcare consultation is a crucial service that allows patients to search for and interact with doctors in Dubai, UAE but from the comfort of their own homes. One thing that you have to know is that setting up a healthcare consulting firm in Dubai will make scheduling medical appointments, consultations, and payments much easier.

Online Educational Apps and other platforms

The pandemic situation has greatly affected the education sector of the world and the difference is no less for the UAE. Schools are running with the help of advanced technology and which is why E-learning has become the new way of classroom education. Teachers on the other hand are adjusting to the new way of an education platform. They can make use of relevant online e-Learning applications to engage with students. So, this explains the reason why online educational apps are such a hit during the virus situation.

 Formal education is still a thing but for such a situation we give more importance to online platforms in which even extracurricular activities are done.  Schools conduct the learning of crafts and arts even through such online mediums. So we recommend for an entrepreneur to start investing in smart technologies to curate an effective e-learning platform.

Personal Hygiene Product Manufacturing & Distribution

The wild spread of coronavirus has made us realise even more about the importance of personal hygiene. So the products that come under personal hygiene have already made a great impact in Dubai. Its manufacture, import, and sale are in high demand and so we recommend entrepreneurs to catch up with the business. The products include sanitizers, soaps, detergents, and protective face masks. We guarantee you with the constant demand for this product and the business is sure to run for a long time. 


COVID 19 had taken a great toll on people’s health but that doesn’t mean entirely that the economic sector is entirely down in Dubai. Surely, the virus has become both a health and an economic concern but the crisis has created a new economic possibility in which new business prospects are beginning to emerge. Consumer behavior has shifted as a result of the stay-at-home policies implemented to contain the COVID-19. It has helped us in resulting in new commercial opportunities such as the creation of e-commerce platforms.

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