9 Crypto Forums to Discuss and Learn about Cryptocurrencies

9 Crypto Forums to Discuss and Learn about Cryptocurrencies

Crypto forums are essential platforms that facilitate discussions and learning about blockchain technology. At the beginning of the industry, we had only a few forums to discuss issues related to Bitcoin. However, due to the evolution of the crypto space, crypto forums have also increased and expanded to cater to the needs of multiple cryptos in the industry. These forums can help beginners in the industry learn about various aspects of blockchain. There also exist crypto trading forums for those interested in money rather than the underlying technology. Here, we explore the various Crypto Forums where you can learn about multiple elements of blockchain technology.


This is one of the biggest forums where individuals ask questions and discuss themes linked to Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and crypto in general. Bitcointalk features multiple topics touching the future of crypto, government regulations, and the economy. People from diverse linguistic backgrounds can access the discussions in this forum because the platform supports over 15 languages.

Many blockchain entrepreneurs and project owners promote their offerings through Bitcointalk.org. In the early phases of project development, you may lack enough budget for marketing. So, you can take your project to the forum to create buzz around it.

CryptoCompare Forums

The initial idea of CryptoCompare was to be a platform where people compared various coins, tokens, and blockchain projects. Lately, it has developed its forum where community members discuss their best coins, upcoming projects, and investments. While on the forum, you’ll find many topics on each project and multiple users ready to inform you about their upcoming projects.


CryptocurrencyTalk forum is a popular platform with an active community. It has a friendly interface and an attractive design. The platform areas resemble Bitcointalk.org, where forums are dedicated to altcoin, BTC, and multiple languages. Besides the forum, the platform has videos, clubs, and links to meet user needs. The community is a source of information for both veterans and beginners in the crypto industry. So, nobody feels left out.


If you’re looking for the latest crypto news forum, then Bitcoin.com is your number one choice. The blockchain platform receives more than a million visitors each month. It’s the best website to discuss new blockchain projects and other crypto topics. An outstanding thing about this platform is that it’s a committed investment part where you learn different crypto trading strategies, such as staking and mining. The forum has over 50 subforums that focus on other sub-topics.


TokenMinds Blog is your to-go place if you’re looking for crypto knowledge. The venue has information on all kinds of crypto marketing strategies, NFTs, and blockchain development analysis. Furthermore, it is operated by a group of active crypto marketers and developers , who can provide you with advice and services.


Reddit is an outstanding crypto community forum that features over 50 subreddits. It’s a great community for people who need predefined groups for their interests. The number of members for each subreddit is different. While some have over a million members, others have a few thousand.


Steemit is developed as a decentralized application (DApp) created on the steem blockchain. Users on the platform can earn various tokens depending on how their content engages the community. Content can attract three kinds of Steem tokens: Steem, Steem Power, and Steem dollar.


Remitano is a robust crypto trading forum where users can discuss various crypto matters, including P2P trading, news, price, and others. Beginners using the P2P framework can get a lot of info via this forum. The forum also features missions that are simple challenges, where participants get USDT rewards.


Twitter is a unique platform for blockchain news and discussions. The social networking site has committed crypto devotees who use it to make various announcements. Crypto thought leaders, including Vitalik Buterin, Charles Hoskinson, and many others, are active users of Twitter.

How TokenMinds can help you

Building a dedicated crypto community for your blockchain project is a challenging task. Remember, you can have an excellent project but fail to catch the attention of prospective buyers due to poor marketing strategies. TokenMinds can help you create a dedicated community on various crypto forums. With more profound knowledge of community management, TokenMinds guarantees you a service that’s beyond your expectations.


Forums are great platforms for learning about crypto and marketing blockchain projects. They’re cost-effective methods of conducting your campaigns. You can only enjoy the benefits of crypto forums if you understand how to create and engage a blockchain community. However, if you lack the knowledge or time to focus on community formation and engagement, you can hire an experienced crypto marketing company, like TokenMinds.

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