Everything about Bitcoins

Everything about Bitcoins

It sounds interesting that most of us had no clue about cryptocurrencies until the pandemic while bitcoins started their baby walk in 2009. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that are traded in exchange for physical currencies, goods, and services. 

These currencies are stored in wallets called crypto wallets. One such wallet is Bitamp – anonymous bitcoin wallet.

Let us know more about these currencies.

How does it work?

Bitcoin depends on public-key cryptography. Here users have a public key accessible by anyone who knows about it and a private key that is only known to their computer.

During the transaction, the recipient sends their public key to the sender. The sender signs in with their private key, and the transaction is carried over a bitcoin network.

It is made sure that no bitcoin is spent more than once.

Since the whole system is digital, each transaction detail is recorded.

How do you get bitcoins?

Now that you know how it works, it is important to know how to get these bitcoins?

There are mainly three ways that you can get access to bitcoins. They are:

    • Buy bitcoins:

you can buy bitcoins using your physical money. As mentioned before, bitcoins are traded for money, goods, and services.

   • Sell bitcoins:

You can sell your bitcoin in exchange for another bitcoin. This kind of transaction makes you play the monopoly of the game. 

   • Create Bitcoins:

Not as simple as said but, you can create your bitcoin using a computer. 

Why are they valuable?

 To be right on point, bitcoins are valuable because people believe so.

 Anything that can be used to exchange goods and services can act as real value or real money.

Remember Elon Musk? Do you support the controversies that Doge was a scam? That’s your job to do your homework and learn about doge. 

As far as time is concerned, Doge rose to the peak and crashed hard on the ground.

While people blame Elon Musk, We believe it’s one’s decision to follow the advice of others.

Do not jump into the ocean before you learn to swim. You might drown before you start.

What are bitcoin wallets?

These are digital wallets used to store Bitcoins. This is mainly used during the transaction. However, there are plenty of wallets. We suggest you search for wallets that allow you to securely send and receive bitcoin on the blockchain, maintain your privacy, have instant transactions, and are open to worldwide connections. It is important to have a wallet that serves right to your bitcoin. Bitamp – anonymous bitcoin wallet might be the one you are looking for.

Why does anyone want bitcoin?

Majorly because the government and banks do not control this. Which means little less worry on tax. 

Though all the transactions are recorded, nobody knows your public key unless it is revealed. 

After the rise and crash of Doge, the number of people in crypto has skyrocketed. This might be the magic of the generation’s Einstien – Elon Musk. 

Is Bitcoin secure?

Since every transaction is made public, there is less chance you would end up in a scam of any fake ones. However, there are cases where your wallet or bitcoins are deleted forever.

As technology improves, there will surely be solutions for these scams as well.


While crypto has been a buzzword in the pandemic, Transactions in the mere future might not be confined to physical money. Interestingly phone-pe has a feature for bitcoin transactions. It won’t take much time before we see crypto being normal, just like cash. When the world is into crypto, your intelligent move would sound like learning about crypto.

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